Showcasing Agility Thinking

Preview of the NEW tabletop intervention called 'Agility Thinking' - this is building on the Agility Gears intervention

How Agile is Your Thinking ?


Why consider the breadth and depth of your 'thinking'?

Our 'thinking' is a product of the culture and experiences we have been exposed to (home, education, community, work etc). These experiences influence the assumptions, beliefs and values we hold and the 'picture' we have of the world.

As adults our ongoing cognitive development (including decision making & critical thinking), is intertwined with the other biological, social and emotional changes of ageing. Our thinking (mindset) impacts what we 'see' or perceive around us, the language we use, our attitude to change,  the decisions and actions we take.

Becoming more agile in our thinking means we can ADAPT and learn more readily, widen the options available to us, enabling more informed and insightful decisions.   


The Critical Role of the Senior Team

The role and responsibility of Senior Team (ST) is to set the tone (or culture) of the 'system', be that for the team/s, organisation, or at a national or international level.

The behaviours, attitudes and thinking (mindset) of the ST directly influence the direction, strategy & purpose of the organisation and in part, how people will behave.

All organisations face challenges in this VUCA world, standard 'logical' thinking patterns alone are no longer effective -  we also need to introduce complexity thinking. 

An ALTERNATIVE more agile approach is needed , developing agility thinking to support the way our organisations are run. This starts with the ST embracing the change.


First steps to advancing agility thinking

  • Engage in the Agility Thinking serious play board intervention to explore the thinking (mindsets) of the ST in terms of breadth and depth   
  • Discover your Reinvention Readiness Index and Leading The Way Index (available from the download page)
  • Consider our ST programme  "Deploying Agile Business Practice across the Organisation" - for practical support and coaching 
  • Consider our individual coaching for the senior team incorporating the 'Leadership Agility' Programme (created by Bill Joiner, ChangeWise).

Exploring Dynamic Collaboration

An interview with Jan De Visch exploring 'Collaborative intelligence' and much more besides.  The only work we have found that integrates both Groups Dynamics and Mindset Development

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