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Move from Constrained Thinking to Advancing Agile Mindsets

What are Agile Mindsets?

With all the discussion about Agile Mindsets, what does this mean?

How do you develop the thinking and behaviours of yourself or your team to enhance business agility in a VUCA world?

Know your Agility Readiness Index

  1. Know the dominant behaviours across the organisation using our 'Agility Gears' discovery system.
  2. Understand the dominant thinking driving the Senior Team using the 'Agility Thinking' exercise. 
  3. Plot the interaction of the two on the Agility Readiness chart.

What does this mean?

By understanding the behaviours and mindsets in play, you can reflect more effectively on the context you're operating within. 

Then decide if you need to change behaviours or extend thinking, or both.

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