What Agility Gears do you use?


About Agility Gears

Imagine your organisation has access to different ways of operating (its Agility Gears), and you would like to use the most effective way of working depending on the environment, context and workload.  

We can think of this as a seven speed gearbox. One of the seven gears (the dominant behaviours and attitudes at play) will be more helpful than the others, depending on context. 

Which one depends on the conditions you are working with.


Why might you care?

What if you didn't know about all the gears available to you?  Might that slow you down, or in extreme cases, cause you to stall or even damage the engine! 

Do organisations' stall or damage themselves?  Yes, all the time!

This is occurring everyday in the majority of organisations across the globe. 

We are seeing evidence of the old ways of working are starting to fail all around us.  It will be those who discover the full range of their Agility Gears that stand a far better chance of success and growth, or maybe just survival would do for now for those at risk. 

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5 simple steps to enhance and align you organisation. We can help you on every step of this discovery

  • Use the Agility Gears serious play board intervention in small groups to explore what behaviours are being used most of the time 
  • Discover your Leading The Way Index (available from the download page)
  • Run a cultural diagnostic and discover what's really going on in the organisation
  • Ready to go deeper? Avoid collective blindspots using the Agility Thinking intervention  
  • Build collaborative teams across the organisation to enhance productivity and flexibility - getCollaborating.com

This is what we specialise in, let us help you and your organisation

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