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GTC Culture DNA Pulse Survey


How well does the group level up?

Based on 7 core cultural elements?

The 7 elements were identified by the Agile Business Consortium's Culture and Leadership stream in 2019

Just10-minutes to find the answer!

(Free Self-service option Spring 2020)

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GTC Culture DNA - Card Game


35 Statement cards to explore the 

7 DNA elements at five different levels.

  1.  Purpose and Results 
  2.  Agile Leadership 
  3.  Well-being and Fulfilment 
  4.   Collaboration and Autonomy 
  5.  Trust and Transparency 
  6.  Adaptability to Change 
  7.  Innovation and Learning

Want to know more, then message Rod Willis  

Culture is the heart of the Grow Through Change (GTC) Framework


2012 witnessed the creation of the Grow Through Change Framework, a systems view of the organisation.  For those serious about behavioural change,  the magic we are all looking for is a hidden interaction between the Mindsets across an organisation, the developmental stage the organisation is operating within and the ability to speak the language of Collaboration  


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GTC-Culture-DNA Pulse 2020 v02 (pdf)