Strategic Agility in a VUCA world

Taking a holistic view is more likely to give you transformational success

Organisations want to know what they need to do, to respond and adapt to todays challenges.  

Here are some key insight steps.

  • Know there are five core areas in any adaptive organisation
  • Each area has very specific characteristics and needs to deliver what is required
  • An organisation only exists to create the 'Value Exchange' with 'External Stakeholders'
  • Know there are optimum areas in a business where agile practice will serve you best of all
  • Finally, you are more likely to be successful if you hold a holistic view of the organisation and the stakeholders it serves

Navigating Complexity in Time

Understanding different Mindsets create different realities

Where are you in the ECO-Cycle?

  • Know where you are now
  • Know where you came from
  • Know where you want to go
  • Design the plan to get there

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