Agile Coach Supervision

Coaching Signatures Profile Tool®

The Coaching Signatures Profile®Tool

Based on the three dimensions of Empathy, Logic & Control helps coaches to reflect how they may become more flexible in their coaching postures and strategies.

Consider the breadth and depth of your 'thinking'?


Our 'thinking' is a product of the culture and experiences we have been exposed to. These experiences influence the assumptions, beliefs and values we hold and the 'picture' we have of the world.

Identify major risks within the organisation in just 15 minutes


Using the pack of 25 'Agility Magic' cards will help you rapidly identify problematic behaviours and constrained thinking that will leave the organisation exposed. 

What is SuperVision



The interaction that occurs when an Agile Coach brings their coaching work experiences to a supervisor in order to be supported and to engage in reflective dialogue and collaborative learning for the development and benefit of the Agile Coach, their team(s), client(s) and organisation(s).

The seven modes of coach supervision


  1. The Client System (Group Dynamic & Scrum Teams)
  2. The Agile Coach’s interventions
  3. The Relationship between the Agile Coach and the Client System
  4. The Agile Coach
  5. The Parallel Process
  6. The Supervisor Self-Reflection
  7. The wider context (Environment Dynamic & Product Owner)

The Viable Organisation


See the different functions all viable organisation (systems) must work with to be adaptable, efficient and effective.   Is your Scrum Team REALLY able to do what it needs to do?