Meet the Team

Stefan Granitzer


Based in Sydney, Australia

Stefan has recently been appointed to establish and lead Australia based activities supporting Assentire Ltd, based in the UK. His mission is to help organisations and groups enhance their value and competitiveness through teams that consistently perform at their peak and operate with utmost efficiency. 

Stefan started his career as an Engineer and then spent > 25 years in a variety of executive roles with world-leading Hi-tech and Medical Device companies such as Teradyne Inc and Cochlear in Australia, Europe, USA, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. As a result, he accumulated extensive experience in composing and managing culturally diverse high-performing teams in dynamic environments.

Stefan is also a keen evangelist and practitioner of the ‘continuous improvement mantra’, whether part of transformative business process re-engineering programs (M&A) or establishing positive and supportive daily routines at the workplace or in personal life. 

Stefan is passionate about applying design thinking (Starting with Empathy) to co-create and solve complex problems, where collaboration and people engagement are crucial components of a sustainable solution.  Ultimately, Stefan helps organisations create and maintain Business Agility, maximising existing investments while addressing market demands in new and innovative ways. 


Rod Willis


 Based in London, UK

Before starting Assentire Ltd, Rod spent more than 25 years in the Electronic Manufacturing Industry working for a global leader in Semiconductor Test, working with Blue-Chip clients across Europe and Asia. His philosophy is one of Continuous Improvement, working with clients to improve both efficiency and efficacy. He has a "hands on" approach and stays involved with client projects through to the achievement of agreed results working on Process Improvement, Enabling Technology and specialising on the People side of the equation. Rod works with Individuals, Groups and the Organisation as a whole. Rod is an Accredited Executive Coach with APECS. APECS is the ASSOCIATION FOR PROFESSIONAL EXECUTIVE COACHING AND SUPERVISION


Debbie Willis


 Based in London, UK

Debbie qualified as an Occupational Therapist and has more than 25 years experience working in a range of roles with people of all ages and abilities, along with their families and carers. She has extensive experience in the design, set up and delivery of multiagency services in the NHS, Education, Sure Start and not-for-profit organisations. She enjoys working collaboratively across disciplines to build strong relationships and deliver effective services. Passionate about bringing together theory and practice, she has created a wide range of resources to support this throughout her career. In her role at Assentire she is keen to continue this and embrace the web and social media technology to encourage further learning and discovery for both individuals and organisations.